The Eagle County Historical Society is dedicated to the recording and preservation of local history through educational programs, publishing, and maintenance of a museum and archive. Native American culture, mining, ranching, agriculture and recreation have played important roles in our past and continue to impact Eagle County life.
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There will soon be some new tunes on this old piano. The player piano, originally purchased in 1911 by Eagle County pioneer Harry Nottingham, was donated to the ECHS last year by Susan Nottingham, but the player mechanism wasn't quite working. Last week, a crew from Keyboard Carriers easily loaded up this beautiful instrument for a trip to Denver, where it will be repaired by Jere DeBacker of Jere's Player Piano Co. The solid oak, cathedral-style piano has its original ivory keys, and will soon have a new player mechanism. We'll be celebrating at the museum when the fixed piano returns to its new home. The piano repair is being accomplished through donations from the El Pomar Foundation, Allan Nottingham, and through the John Bronn memorial donations.

Hike through History with the Walking Mountain Science Center and Eagle County Historical Society made Red Cliff come alive. We look forward to working with the Walking Mountain Science Center in the future.
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The Eagle County Historical Society Museum is closed for the season.